Let's face it, we all love a photo of a cute pet.  Here's some photos of our pets we thought you might like.


Cedar, who is our most handsome clinic cat.


Cedar in his outdoor run


Ali's furry family is Roger, Murphy, Rexie and Reggie.

Roger contemplating the world.


Roger drying off after a walk in the rain.


Roger and Murphy about to chase a ball at the beach.


Murphy just loves swimming(oh and sleeping on the couch).


Another happy day at the beach.


Rexie and Reggie the Devon Rex's.


Mary Ann's family is Radar(well known as a Blackwood Vets Receptionist), and Baz and Sprocket the cats

Radar in the park


Radar loves to pose for a photo!


Radar cooling off

Radar looking very cute


Sprocket checking out the fake bird!


Erins' furry family is Billy, Henry and Livvy the dogs and Winston and Hazel the cats. She also has 2 adorable goats, Nancy and Peanut.


Billy and Henry loving a day at the beach


Henry having a rest on the couch


Hazel looking very curious



Winston, like all cats, just wants to fit in that basket!


Nancy and Peanut looking very happy with the tucker they have been given


Bailey, Livvy, Billy and Henry all having a day at work.


Ducks at Belair National Park


Koala in Ali's front yard


Lucy C's furry family is Koba, Barney, Ivy and Harley.  Harley is not so furry!


Harley the Water Dragon.


Koba looking very chilled.


Koba and Barney are great mates.


Barney as a puppy, everybody loves a puppy!


Barney looking very handsome.


Lucy with her friend's python, called Monty of course!


Ivy looking very chilled!!


Some fun photos of Koba growing up:









Lucy A's furry friends are Humphrey and Sheldon


Humphrey and Sheldon, very cool for cats!


Mmm, did someone say cake? Humphrey getting into the party spirit.


Ahh, when it all gets too much, just take a nap like Sheldon.


Gavin is a kangaroo that Lucy handraised from a baby.


Sarah's like most of us has a big clan.  She has Bailey and Rommy the dogs, Ari, Timmy and Milo the cats and Foxy the horse.

Bailey pondering the world


Foxy looking magnificant


Ari, Timmy and Rommy looking very comfy on the couch.


Run Bailey, run 


Rachel's family is Chuck and Suki the dogs, Clarabelle the Galah and Frankie the Lorikeet.


Suki, looks like a photo shoot


All the little Blackwood Vets dogs!!