Low Level Laser therapy is a beneficial adjunctive tool to aid in both healing and to provide pain relief in animals. It is a non invasive and non painful treatment. These devices are specifically intended for use in Veterinary Clinics and in some situations at home use under Veterinary guidance. The Laser we use is the MyPet Laser which is a Class 1 M product.

The beneficial biological effects of laser therapy include improvements in mico-blood circulation, cellular membrane metabolism and nerve function as well as a reduction in inflammation. There has also been benefit shown in treating bacterial infections and inflammatory skin conditions.

Many types of soft tissue inflammation and swelling can be treated such as hotspots, ear infections, arthritis, post-operative incisions and osteoarthritis.

In general, the more severe or long standing the injury, the more treatments that will be required. Treatments are generally performed once daily. Some conditions require only one or two treatments, others may require seven to ten treatments, whilst others may require ongoing regular treatments.