Indy is a 4 year old Cairn terrier and is usually a very bright happy dog but her owners had noticed that she was a little quieter than usual and had begun to vomit and was eating less.


Photo of Indy as a puppy


She was bought into the clinic and was found to be dehydrated and a mass was palpable in the abdomen. She was put on iv fluids and an abdominal xray was taken which confirmed there was a foreign body in the abdomen.


Arrow pointing towards foreign body in the intestine


Indy pre surgery


Indy was then taken to surgery and the head of a toy Koala was removed from her intestine.


Toy Koala head that was removed at surgery


She remained in clinic overnight and the by the next morning she was brighter and had begun to eat without vomiting. She was discharged later in the day.