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January 2020 Graduating Puppy PreSchool Class

January 2020 saw another group of fantastic puppies attend Blackwood Vets Puppy PreSchool. Hallie is a Labradoodle and is very exuberant and absolutely loves the water. She would often play in t...

December 2019 Graduating Puppy PreSchool Class

December 2019 saw 5 puppies graduate from Puppy PreSchool. Astro is a very confident young Dalmation, and also very smart. He worked out our boredom buster mat in about 10 seconds! Mackie...

Fun in the Sun Pet Portraits

Zippy having a great time out on the water. He gets even more exicted if he sees a fish swim by. Angus looking cute as pie in his Christmas outfit. Basil looking handsome, even with ...

November 2019 Graduating Puppy PreSchool Class

November 2019 saw 3 puppies graduate. They had a fantastic time together. Bingo was the first half of our brother sister duo. Both puppies came from SA Dog Rescue and ended up being homed by d...

Halloween Pet Portraits

Elvis looks like he could fly! Bruno and Mars Bruno Bruno Bruno \ Bruno Dahli. According to her owners, she is very scary!! Ocean and her newborn kittens, oh ...

Daisy all dressed up for her visit to Blackwood vets and loving the camera

Daisy really does enjoy her outfits and riding in her pram. Daisy and her mum, Karen are very devoted to each other.

Ruben the Joey

A joey was bought in to us at Blackwood Vets after being found without his mum. Lucy A bottle fed him and nursed him for a couple of weeks until he was given to another carer.

Even Cats need a Onesie in Winter

Max is a very spritely 18 1/2 year old cat who this winter has looked glorious in his Onesie. Very handsome!

August 2019 Graduating Puppy PreSchool Class

Arnold the Border Collie – Arnold was the shy one of the bunch at first, he quickly became one the most playful though, he loved his treats & cuddles. Daxter the Cavoodle – Daxte...

March 2019 Graduating Puppy Preschool Class

March 2019 saw 5 puppies graduate. Thor the Boxer is one playful pup. He definitely loves and craves attention. Tia the Chihuahua won our hearts. She is a very strong willed pup who k...

June 2019 Puppy PreSchool Graduating Class

Our June class was a little one but full of energy. There was Murphy, the tan and white Border Collie. He was just a delight and has such potential for training. His best friend in the group was an...

July 2019 Graduating Puppy PreSchool Class

Archie the Miniature Schnauzer: Our smallest student, very scared at first but quickly came out of his comfort zone and was fabulous at sitting! Elsie the Kelpie: Elsie was an excellent student,...

January 2019 Graduating Puppy PreSchool Class

Ronnie is a fun loving puppy Summer is a ball of energy

August 2018 Graduating Puppy PreSchool Class

4 fantastic pups graduated from the August 2018 Blackwood Vets Puppy Pre-School class. Trooper is very obedient. Dakota is very playful Tetley is very cute. Dougal is so cute and ...

November 2017 Puppy PreSchool Graduating Class

Scrappy was an all rounder, happy to play or relax Murphy was the peacekeeper of the group Finn was never afraid to speak up.

December 2017 Puppy PreSchool Graduating Class

This Puppy class was full of all males and most with Labrador genes! Kobi is a typical Labrador, he loves playing, espeically in the water bowl! Ponyo is a cuddly teddy bear. Russel...

May 2018 Graduating Puppy PreSchool Class

The May Puppy preschool class saw 4 fantastic puppies graduate, they all got along famously. Ellie loved to be in charge. Jamali was very playful Kylo was the fastest growing puppy ...

February 2018 Puppy PreSchool Class

February 2018 saw a fantastic group of puppies graduate from Puppy Pre school Mia loves her treats Dozer is a silent achiever Frankie is a heart breaker Iris is a gentle sole ...

December 2018 Puppy Preschool Class

Harry is very well mannered Loki is very playful Reggie is inquisitive Hercules is an enthusiastic puppy. Jasper is a real snuggler

November 2018 Graduating Puppy PreSchool Class

November 2018 saw a fantastic group of 5 puppies enrol in Puppy preschool. And of course, they all graduated with flying colours! Andy is Banjo's best friend. Arlo is a quiet achiever...

January 2018 Puppy PreSchool Graduating Class

January 2018 saw 5 fantastic pups graduate from Puppy Pre School Barney was loud and proud! Selby was bigger than all the other pups put together! Bentley enjoyed being in charge. ...

September 2018 Graduating Puppy PreSchool Class

This month's class saw 2 great puppies graduate. Arlo is very playful Lottie loved playing with Arlo and wanted to be with him all the time

Verdel the Receptionist

Verdel, more affectionately known as Deli, recently came into the clinic and found herself on top of the receptionist desk. What a great surprise to find a great big bowl of liver there!

June 2018 Graduating Puppy PreSchool Class

June 2018 saw a great class of 6 puppies graduate from Puppy PreSchool. Meg is a very playful puppy Mae is Bentley's BFF Bentley is the Zoom King Piper is the Boss Lady ...

October 2017 Graduating Puppy Class

Congratulations to the puppies that gradauated from Puppy Pre School Frankie was the most improved puppy Winston was known as the Teddy Bear of the group. Beef was a gentle giant. ...

September 2017 Graduating Puppy Preschool Class

September's Puppy Class saw a very happy mix of puppies. "Eva" the cavoodle was shy to begin with but as the weeks went by, she was happy to play with her Border Collie friends. &q...


Wiskatkin the Cat comes to the clinic in a harness and he loves to smooch under the front desk

July 2017 graduating puppy class

In July 2017, we had 2 puppy classes graduate. Harvey Kadli Hugo Nessie Teddy Zac

Chaos wins hearts.

Chaos is a great little dog. He was hospitalised for about a week having undergone major surgery. In that time, we all fell in love with him. He has a great nature and certainly wasn't Chaos as ...

June's Graduating Puppy Class

June's Puppy Preschool Class was a lively bunch of puppies who had a great time together. Ziggy, the smallest of them all, ended up having a wonderful time with the bigger pups Jessie, th...

Cedar doing the laundry

Cedar, our clinic cat just loves to pitch in and help. Here he is helping to fold the laundry!

Hugo the Boston Terrier

Hugo came in to the clinic to visit us for his 6 month of age check. He loves to come in and see his friends and also loves the liver treats he gets! He is very photogenic.

Rosie the new Vet

Rosie the Aussie Bulldog came in today for her yearly vaccinations. She is so excited to see people and even had a go at typing at the computer.

April's Graduating Puppy Class

Jazz and Noble with their families for the April 2017 graduating Puppy Class.

Ferret's Day Out

Today Grace, Bear and Sid came to the clinic for their Annual Distemper Vaccination. They love coming to the clinic and they are all very well behaved when having a checkover and their vaccinations. ...

Welcome "Noble"

One of our Veterinary Nurses, Hannah, has a new puppy called Noble. He is a Cavoodle born on the 25th January 2017 and he's settled in well and loves cuddles from his family and friends. As you c...

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