We would like to inform you that after careful consideration, Dr Ali Coleman has decided to retire from veterinary practice. Dr Ali Coleman and Dr Mary Ann Harvey together built Blackwood Vets into the caring and quality veterinary clinic that we all know today, and those values and our commitment to your pets will continue under the new leadership of Dr Tobi Learey, Dr Michelle Huang, Dr Ashlee Vandenbroek and the excellent team at Blackwood Vets. 

While Dr Mary Ann will be in the clinic on occasions when her busy lifestyle permits, Dr Ali is going to enjoy her retirement by spending time with her family, travelling, relaxing and enjoying herself. Dr Ali is going to miss her Blackwood Vets family terribly and hopes to see you around the community. She wishes you all the very best and trusts the team at Blackwood Vets to continue providing care for your pets as if it was their own. 

On behalf of the team at Blackwood Vets, we wish both Dr Ali and Dr Mary Ann all the very best with their pursuits in retirement. We can’t thank them enough for their commitment and passion for the clinic and the community and the years of service that they have provided. Both have huge hearts for your pets and we hope their hearts grow as they explore the next chapter of their life. Good luck Ali and Mary Ann.